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Say What?! | Veil 22 Logo Design

Ya know, anytime you are going to do a logo design for a new company — it’s a big deal. I mean, you have to capture their personal style, make them stand out from competition, make sure you’re conveying the right “feel” [such as: corporate, laid back, vintage, etc.] and it’s gotta look good!!!

A logo for a new company sets off their first impression to the world. It says, “Hey World! I really care and take pride in my business” or it says, “Hey World! My cousin made this logo in word, and I think it will do for right now!

You may think I’m kidding..but I’m really not! 😀

Think about it this way: Just by looking at the logo design — if you had never heard or bought anything from them before — which company do you think you will get the best quality product from? Target or the Dollar Store? Ahh…but you say that the Dollar Store isn’t about quality products…it’s about cheap products…and I say touché! Branding at it’s finest! You have to relay the right “feel” for what you’re selling when designing a logo [even it it means us graphic designers have to make the logo look “cheap”].

Target and the Dollar Store have done a fine job of marketing to their “target market” so to speak!

But I digress…the logo design that I had the pleasure of working on recently was for “Veil22 Designs”, a web, film, and tech company located right here in Knox-Vegas. This logo had to say: techy, funky, and maybe even a little futuristic.

I sat down with Suzanne, the owner — and immediately loved the vibe that she had in mind for her company. I really wanted to convey that in her logo…and I think we accomplished that!

So, a BIG thank you to Suzanne Young for allowing me to help with such a huge part of any new business! Please check out her website at:

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