Logo Design

The awesome thing about my job is that I get to work with so many different types of companies. I mean, a gourmet ice cream shop?!?!? What’s the saying?…”We all scream for ice cream..?”

When I was contacted by The Social Farmer, a social media management company, to team up with Nickie Lewis Design in creating the new logo design for Chadwick’s Churn located in Alcoa, TN,  I was super excited!

Sometimes as a graphic designer, you will design a logo for a company that is just beginning, and other times you will help “revamp” what they already have going. For Chadwick’s Churn, we got to take what they already had and remake the logo. Kind’ve like a “whole body make-over!”

If it’s at all possible, when designing a new look, you will want to keep some of the elements that they already have. Why? Because whether you realize it or not – how a company represents themselves visually allows you to identify who they are. Unless one of my clients specifically says that they want nothing to do with the old look, I will try my best to flow in some of their past look for an easier visual transition. Sometimes it’s using the same font, sometimes it’s the color, and for Chadwick’s Churn, we kept many of the elements, but gave it an updated look.

Chadwick’s wanted to keep a fun feel, and so that’s why we went with the more playful (yet very readable!) font choice. Just like Chadwick’s offers the ability to totally customize your ice cream, they also wanted that completely custom feel to their logo, hence using the two “C’s” as the ice cream on the top!

If you haven’t checked them out — go do it now!
Visit them on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/chadwickschurn.
They offer the ability for you to make your very own flavor of ice cream!!! Hello?!?!?! You can’t beat that!

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