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So, I know what you’re thinking….using a graphic designer probably costs a fortune! Well, as with anything – you can go as far with it as you want — but you don’t have to sell your firstborn just to get something professionally designed!

There are things that you can do to prepare beforehand that can save you HUNDREDS of dollars! Nope! Not Kidding!

One of the things that graphic designers (the good ones, anyways :D) have in their back pockets is the ability to gauge how long it takes to do certain tasks — multi-tasking ninjas, so to speak!! Not only do we have to bring home the bacon, we gotta come home and fry it up! Never be afraid to ask a graphic designer about how to cut down on their time. Most good graphic designers have an idea of what the customer can accomplish on their own, and just how much time and money it will save them.

For example, last month when Calvary Chapel Knoxville gave Nickie Lewis Design a call – they were on a fixed budget, but wanted something that looked nice and professional.

Calvary Chapel Knoxville goes to Israel every 2 years, and this year they wanted a booklet they could carry with them as they followed the pastor in his teachings, as well as, jot down notes. It could become a keepsake of sorts, as well!

How did Nickie Lewis Design save them money you ask? Well, for starters, they had everything typed up and ready to go when it came to the inside pages containing all of Pastor Mark’s notes. Did that save them LOTS of money? Yes! I was able to convert their file, make it one color (which also saves tons of money), and make it to size and it was ready to go!

For the cover, they weren’t really sure what they wanted. Obviously, it needed to be something that represented the trip to Israel, but that was about all that they had in mind. Once we were a couple days into the project, I got an email from the pastor asking if we could add a map of Israel inside the book. That’s when it dawned on me…let’s make the entire front and back cover one big map! That way, the people could just grab their booklets, open them up flat, and see the custom map of every place they would be setting their feet on for 2 weeks in June!

Oh! And guess what? That saved them money too!!! By making the front and back cover a custom map for their trip, no extra pages were needed on the inside, and this cover could literally be the same cover they use the next time they go!

So, the moral of this story is — using a graphic designer doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The key is to find someone who has experience. Even though they may cost more per hour, you generally don’t have as many hours billed because they know what they’re doing!!!

I want to give a BIG THANKS to Calvary Chapel Knoxville for allowing me to help them out this summer! Looking for a church? Check them out!

For more ideas on how to save time and money when working with a graphic designer, feel free to drop me a line!

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