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Ahhh…business cards. Some love ‘em, some hate ‘em. Whatever side of the fence you’re on — they’re a necessity for any business owner!

So I know that I’m always spouting about first impressions…but hey, you gotta admit that you have an instant preconceived judgement the moment that someone hands that card over.

Let’s just be honest, most of the time you plan to trash that card when you get home….or will you?

If that card is different, maybe if the paper feels different, or maybe if the ink is metallic, or it just has a great design…you might keep it for a little bit. Just because it’s kinda cool 😀

For Devon Campbell, owner of Radworks, a web development company, his business card meant making the first impression stick with you. He wanted something so incredibly simple, yet so different that it made you think. That it spoke to whomever’s lovely hands that it fell into, that this isn’t just any web development company. This company knows what it’s doing, and they take pride in their work. That just like the pure awesomeness of their business card, they will not only make you one kickin’ website, but that they will pay attention to every detail and produce something that they can be proud of.

For Devon’s business card, he decided to go with a 220lb. paper (super thick!) with the use of a letterpress. For me, this was icing on the cake. Not only did I have a customer who understood the importance of readability and negative space, but he also wanted something different. Something that you don’t see on just anyone’s business cards!

Letterpress is a technique of relief printing, meaning not only is the ink applied, but it is also “stamped” into the card. This is why we wanted to go with such a thick paper. This gives the card a vintage or classic feel, but it’s paired with a very modern font and logo.

So, how does your business card look? What does your current business card “say” to people when you hand it over? Like it or not, your business card speaks just as loudly as whether you walk into your next business meeting in a suit, or sweatpants.

A big thank you to Devon Campbell for allowing me to help him out! Please check out Radworks:

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